4th Quarter 2020 Economic and Financial Markets Summary

Year 2020 will clearly be a year to remember and one for the history books. Many adjectives will be used to describe the year, including challenging, uncertain and stressful.

However, when it came to investing, perhaps the best word to describe 2020 is surprising. Why surprising? Stock markets managed to achieve strong gains for the year despite a global shutdown, peak U.S. unemployment of 15% and political uncertainty. Given the surprising gains for 2020, what can investors expect for 2021? Watch our latest video to find out.

3rd Quarter 2020 Economic and Financial Markets Summary

There is no shortage of headlines right now, with COVID-19, protests, elections and the Supreme Court nominee. In fact, we can’t recall a time when so many factors had a potential impact on financial markets. So, what is the current state of the stock market? How will a COVID-19 vaccine impact stocks over the next 3-6 months? What can investors expect from the upcoming elections? Watch our latest video to find out.

1st Quarter 2020 Economic and Financial Markets Summary

In our January video, we indicated “this is certainly not the time to be overconfident,” that “markets are overdue for a 10% correction,” and to “use the recent run-up in stocks as an opportunity to rebalance portfolios.”

Our guidance was not about the coronavirus — we simply believed stocks were overextended in the short-term and investors were likely to find an excuse to take profits. The excuse turned out to be COVID-19. So, what can investors expect in the coming months? Is the COVID-19 sell-off an event-driven bear market or a structural bear market? Watch our latest video to find out.

3rd Quarter 2019 Economic and Financial Markets Summary

If it seems like headlines are dominating the financial news more than usual, you are not alone. While headlines can certainly rattle financial markets, the impact is most often short-lived as fundamentals win out over time. The 3rd quarter of 2019 is a good example where fundamentals prevailed over headlines. So, how did markets close out the quarter? Also, what can investors expect from the stock market going forward? Watch our latest video to find out.

Credit Freezes

In September of 2018, a new Federal law made credit freezes available for free. What is a credit freeze? How do I freeze my credit? How do I unfreeze my credit? While obtaining a credit freeze will not prevent all types of identity theft, it is a good step to protect your personal credit.

4th Quarter 2018 Economic & Financial Markets Summary

How did markets close-out 2018? Are we in the beginning of a global slowdown and if so, will a slowdown turn into a U.S. recession? Will trade talks with China produce real results or will the trade talks end up with more tariffs and a deeper trade war? With Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, will Republicans and Democrats escalate politics to the point of derailing the U.S economy? What can investors expect from stocks in 2019?